Grandma’s coat, an old set of grandpa’s tools, or a piano, there are things that have great meaning to us. I have many of them. Most are in boxes in the attic “because they are so precious!” I pull them out every now and then . . .


Wouldn’t it be great to display those pieces in a nice way so that they can be enjoyed rather than hidden?

I can help you do that!

Here are a few memory pieces I’ve crafted each one is made with great care knowing just how special that piece is to you.


Mom’s organ-shelf will display photos & trinkets.


Would you believe I wore this ugly sweater when we _________? But, oh my how much fun we had!

Dad’s favorite shirts!

OK, I think you can see that almost anything can be upcycled so that it can be less bulky, or at least, not hidden in a box somewhere. There will be more to come! What would you like to have for a keepsake of a special memory?

Alright! I’m heading up in my own attic today and take great grandmom’s quilt out and see what I can do!

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