Antiques Revisited

What fun it is to create something “new” from old furniture, barns & collectibles. (visit my page piano girl to see some pretty big heavy challenges!) I am constantly finding old stuff to give new life, however I do custom work too. If you have an old piece that you’d like to have renewed . . . I’m your girl!!!

What can you do with that old Pump Organ?   Well, make a desk out of it, of course!



It’s not a nasty old window anymore!!!

Old chairs, table tops & yes, washing machines from 1920’s can have new life!

Here are some fun projects:


Pillow from Men’s shirts!


Beautiful pendant from antique oak chair that can be used as essential oil diffuser!

Upcycled wooden giraffe!

Oh, my, my, my here’s some fun upcycles!!! Are they bunny slippers?


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