Litter Box not Necessary!

These little kitties are so much fun to paint! For shows I’ll just let my mind wander, or get ideas from photos I see on Facebook like this one. I can’t wait to paint the center one, he’s so freaking cute!


They are 10 x 2 inches, made of wood & “stacked”. There are 4 layers . . . So when you hang them on the wall, they look as if they are walking out! Here are some of the cats I’ve custom made:







Completed kitties: $29.00

Custom:  $45.00  (Hey! That sweet-little-snarky-picky-eater-ball-of-fluff of yours takes some time to do!)

Will I do other animals?  OH, GIVE ME A CHALLENGE!

If you would like your little-feline-friend all I need are photos showing me as much detail as possible, face, two sides, tail, feet. Show me the crooked fur lines, etc.  Just send the photos through email to


PayPal & Venmo accepted

Good Memories!

Of course, I’d be happy to!
Here is a teddy I made for my 84 year old Mom. It’s made from my grandmother’s winter coat & was hanging in the closet for 25+ years. I’m surprising her with the teddy for Christmas. A few folks have expressed an interest in having one made. My answer, “Of Course, I’d be happy to!”
I know, “Dink” is usually working with wood, but the way I learned to use a band-saw & think about putting things together is thinking, “This saw is like a sewing machine with a different material”.
There are so many creative things that can be made to PRESERVE MEMORIES, whether it be a teddy bear, throw or, yeah, you know me—-something beautiful from that old piano taking up space!
It is truly an honor to give new life to special things that remind us of special people in our lives. I’d love to see your ideas & “things” that you’ve kept to remind you!

Dink’s Digs Coming Soon!

Oh my what fun!  I love doing wood work & “revisiting antiques” meaning I destroy things & make them beautiful again in a different way!

I think setting up this site may destroy me!  I’d so much rather be standing in my shop cutting wood, or painting!!!!  OK, here is what you can expect:

Woodcrafts — Crazy creatures, useful decor & custom designs

Antiques Revisited— Anything from refinished furniture to jewelry made from a pressed oak chair. (I really like to destroy pianos & upcycle the leftovers)

Jewelry—  OK, so what can I say? I’m a rock-hound & enjoy sharing my finds.

Here are some samples of what to expect in coming weeks:






Keep watch for new items!

If you would like to order: please comment on this blog & I will get back to you, that is, until I have things fully set-up!

Paypal accepted




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