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Until recently, if you were to lock eyes with me in a store, at the park, wherever . . . you would be greeted with a big smile!  I’m still smiling, but I can’t see your smile either. I am offended by masks, truly. However, I have made hundreds of them for people, but to me it feels like a bit of our identity has been stolen away. How about you? Therefore, I introduce to you, MASKED NOT MUTED (so that you can) EXPRESS YOURSELF!!!!!

What is MASKED NOT MUTED, you ask?  It will be what you and I make of it together. For years I have loved making clothes, and doing woodworking and refinishing of, well, nearly anything. I will be using my sewing experience and creative energy to help myself and others not be lost in a world of covered smiles.  What is it that you love? Are there expressions that you want folks to know as they see you . . . even from a social distance?





Meet Dink’s fancy pants award winning, “Most Unique” Deva of a Dragon! She is made from upcycled jeans, vintage brick-a-brack, a man’s tie, buttons & she even sports and antique crystal from a chandelier (No wonder she’s a deva!).  




I was challenged when I heard my daughter say, “My kids will never keep a mask on!”  It got me to thinking, “What would encourage a 4 year old to wear a mask?” Here in Pennsylvania USA they are required in public places. What is a child to do? Thus, masks made into animal shapes!  Funny thing is, I know of a few woman wearing cats when they go out!


Wanna make a statement with a silly old man on your face?


 What would help you express yourself?

I’ll be posting regularly as I dream up these new masks so that YOU ARE NOT MUTED! Let the world know that you are fun, serious, have a message . . . or simply a smile!

What shall we create together?



Yes, I am choosing to have some fun in a very difficult season of history. I do hope that you and your family stay well, safe and somehow make the very best of each and every day as each day is faced with new challenges and opportunities.



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